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A patient “walked” into our clinic 2 weeks ago – bent over, short and slow steps, labored breathing. He was a 38 year old male, relatively active, and no prior history of back injury. He states that he is in 9/10 pain and can’t stand straight up but sitting is worse. He is a father, husband and small-business owner and is frustrated by the injury that he woke up to that morning.

After taking a history and performing a functional exam, it is determined that the patient is dealing with intense muscle spasms due to lumbar disc prolapse – an injury that he likely sustain years ago as a collegiate football player. Treatment was initiated that day and he noticed relief immediately following the visit. Within 4 visits over 2 weeks he is 1/10 on the pain scale, able to stand, sit and lie down without issue, and is very pleased with his care. He asks if this is his last appointment. 

As top-rated chiropractors in Indianapolis, we at Integrated Health Solutions have heard this question all too often – “now that I am out of pain, I’m good…right?” As soon as the patient is no longer feeling pain, what is left to do? Why continue coming to appointments? Why continue to receive dry needling, acupuncture, soft tissue mobilization, chiropractic adjustments and dynamic rehabilitation exercises? 

The answer is simple – the doctors here are striving for true healing – functional progress that goes beyond the symptoms, including pain. There are a lot of solutions offered out there for pain, and you’ve probably tried many. 

  • The orthopedic surgeon offering multiple cortisone injections for the same issue.
  • Massages that only feel good for a short period.
  • Physical therapy exercises that you saw on social media that don’t seem to be getting you anywhere.

The difference is that we go beyond the metric of pain and look at how you move to determine when you are ready to be dismissed from treatment.

You want to feel better…we want you to GET better!


In addition to getting out of pain, chiropractic care, dry needling, and physical exercise play a crucial role in helping individuals get stronger and regain confidence to return to physical activities. Let’s explore how these modalities contribute to this aspect of long-term healing:

1. Chiropractic Care:

Chiropractic care not only focuses on pain relief but also on improving overall function and performance. Through spinal adjustments and other therapeutic techniques, chiropractors help restore proper alignment and optimize the function of the nervous system. This allows individuals to move more efficiently, reducing the risk of further injury and enhancing performance in physical activities.

By addressing any underlying issues, such as muscle imbalances or joint dysfunctions, chiropractic care helps individuals develop a strong foundation for their bodies. This improved structural integrity enables them to engage in physical activities with more confidence and reduced risk of reinjury.

2. Dry Needling:

Dry needling can be particularly beneficial for individuals looking to regain strength and confidence in their bodies. By targeting trigger points and tight muscles, dry needling helps release tension and improve muscle function. This can enhance muscle activation and coordination, allowing individuals to perform physical activities with greater efficiency and power.

Furthermore, the pain relief provided by dry needling can significantly improve an individual’s ability to engage in physical exercise. By reducing pain and discomfort, individuals can focus on building strength and stamina, which ultimately leads to increased confidence in their ability to return to their desired activities.

3. Physical Exercise:

Physical exercise is a crucial component of not only healing but also building strength and regaining confidence. Under the guidance of a healthcare professional or a qualified trainer, individuals can engage in exercises specifically tailored to their injury and recovery process.

, but utilizing both SFMA and DNS techniques along with other specialized protocols to identify the instability causing the overworked muscles and solutions for treating them. We spend 30-50 minutes per treatment with our patients making sure that origins pain, the cause of the origins of pain and lifestyle changes need to lessen the chance of relapse are addressed and incorporated. Don’t let that knee pain keep you handicap any longer by letting us help you by giving us a call 317-449-2020 and find out how you can get your knee and lifestyle back.

Strength training exercises, such as resistance training or weightlifting, help rebuild and strengthen muscles that may have weakened due to injury or inactivity. By gradually increasing the intensity and load, individuals can regain strength and stability, enabling them to perform physical activities with more confidence.

Additionally, incorporating functional exercises that mimic the movements required in specific activities can help individuals improve their performance and regain confidence. These exercises focus on balance, coordination, and agility, allowing individuals to feel more comfortable and capable in their bodies.

Moreover, physical exercise has numerous psychological benefits. It boosts self-esteem, reduces stress, and improves mood. By engaging in regular exercise, individuals can enhance their mental well-being and develop a positive mindset, which plays a significant role in building confidence to return to physical activities.

Each of our patients receives a thorough initial assessment and diagnostics to determine exactly what is happening. Our objective examination strategies are designed to assess everything, not just the area of complaint. We then take this information and formulate a unique, individualized treatment plan designed for you, not some cookie-cutter print out that everyone gets. This detailed approach means that not only do you get the relief you’ve been seeking, but you also get set on a trajectory for lasting improvement. 


If you’re in pain, it’s natural that you want to feel better fast so you can get back to doing what you love.

But it’s also important that once you feel better, you STAY better. We can provide you with fast relief, and unlike most practitioners, we can also implement strategies for long-term relief by building strength, stability and confidence to return to physical activities. Our goal is to bridge the gap from injury to healing and then from there to functionality. 

Remember, it is essential to work with Indianapolis healthcare professionals who specialize in injury rehabilitation to develop a comprehensive and personalized plan. With the right combination of these modalities, individuals can not only recover from injuries but also become stronger, more resilient, and confident in their ability to live a pain-free life!

Content provided by Dr. Drew Hunt

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