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4 Proven Steps Giude to Alleciate Neck Pain or The 5 Proven Steps Giude to Alleciate Back Pain

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Integrated Health Solutions

Addressing the source of your headaches is our priority so that you get back to enjoying life pain-free

With years of experience providing passionate care, we have developed a unique, integrated, and proven approach to addressing the source of your headaches.

Why do you have headaches?

Although headaches may occur for a variety of reasons, we have found the most common types are tension headaches and headaches related to emotional and postural stress. 

These headaches are typically the result of tension that manifests in the neck at the base of the skull in the muscles referred to as the suboccipitals. With suboccipital tension the nerves become entrapped or pressured as a result of suboccipital tension and inflammation, causing a headache to occur

Tense or overused muscles, stress, tiredness, eyestrain, poor posture, and TMJD are all known to cause headaches. Migraines, meanwhile, are a form of chronic head pain that is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, blind spots in vision, extreme sensitivity to light and sound.

Tension Headaches can also manifest in a number of ways, including:

  • Pain 
  • Neck tension 
  • Jaw tension or pain
  • Temporal pain

What our expert Indianapolis chiropractor can do for your headaches

We have developed a unique and proven treatment protocol for headaches that allows us to:

  • Address the pain and the muscle tension responsible for your headaches
  • Incorporate strategies and techniques for reducing stress
  • Educate on proper posture to reduce tension
  • Improve spinal and neck mechanics
  • Synchronize core and spinal stability with proper neck and postural ergonomics
Chiropractic neck treatment

Results in about 3 visits


Average patient-reported decrease in pain and improvement in functionality

Integrated Health Solutions Provides Lasting Pain Relief

Why choose our caring team to treat your headaches and migraines?

Become empowered by recognizing the mechanisms that may cause headaches.

Address common risk factors. Have the knowledge at your fingertips to make yourself less susceptible to headaches.

Develop strategies for applying the most advantageous movements, positions, and exercises to keep you pain-free beyond our treatment.

The majority of our patients notice relief of symptoms and improved movements within just 8-10 visits! How? We treat the source of pain, not its symptoms. 

Your path to lasting pain relief

Here at Integrated Health Solutions, your health is our priority so you can get back to doing the things you love. 

Live pain-free • Move better • Perform optimally

Integrated Health Solutions