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you’re going to love how you feel and the experience leading you to empowerment and relief. 


Created in Japan and developed in Germany through many years of application, thousands of clients have experienced benefits as a result of this marvelous innovation! In the short process of 2-3 minutes, we modify the environment around you so we can persuade your body into a fight and flight mode and let the magic of your body’s physiology do the rest. 

This is your solution to improve and expedite your recovery 

Expedite Your Recovery with Whole Body Cryotherapy
Heal Naturally with Flotation Therapy


Imagine floating through space, weightless. Imagine that all sensations of sight, sound, temperature—even the light stress of supporting your own body—have simply slipped away.Now imagine that all you have to do to get into that space is to step into our floatation pod. 

This is your solution to  Promotes peaceful relaxation  and Decreases stress


As soon as you step into the soothing dry heat and breathe the refreshing Canadian Cedar aroma of our private 360-degree infrared sauna, your senses will be enveloped, mind relaxed, and body eased with improved blood flow. Feel rejuvenated as you expel toxins through sweat and nourish your mitochondria – the very “powerhouse” of all your cells.

This is your solution to Cell regeneration and  circulation improvement

 Feel Rejuvenated with Our Infrared Sauna Therapy

Accelerate Recovery with Normatec


Designed to mimic your physiological processes of removing metabolic waste, decreasing delayed onset muscle soreness and expediting recovery, this patent technology supports optimal physical performance by rejuvenating muscles at the cellular level. While your body revitalizes, you get to relax and enjoy watching your private TV in the comfort of our zero-gravity massage recliner.

This is your solution to expediting recovery and decreasing lactic acid

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Imagine waking up with energy and engaging your day with vitality- pain free. A higher quality of life is only a call away.

Why live another day in pain when solutions are available to you?
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