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4 Proven Steps Giude to Alleciate Neck Pain or The 5 Proven Steps Giude to Alleciate Back Pain

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Flotation Therapy Pricing

Floatation Therapy – First Time Session


No expiration

Floatation Therapy – Single Session


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Floatation Therapy – 3 Sessions


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Floatation Therapy – 5 Sessions


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Flotation Therapy

Facilitate healing and relaxation with floatation therapy

Floatation tanks facilitate a zero-gravity experience, removing tension and pressure from your neck, back, joints and muscles in order to provide the ultimate relaxation experience. 

The high level of Epsom salt in the water facilitates natural healing processes in our body such as enzyme regulation, muscle relaxation and healing, and prevention of arterial hardening.

Our most popular therapies, available in cost-saving packages

Combine Infrared Sauna, NormaTec, Cryotherapy, and Flotation to create your ultimate recovery experience

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