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Integrated Health Solutions

We address the source of your sciatic pain so you can get back to enjoying life pain-free

With years of experience providing passionate care, we have developed a unique, integrated, and proven approach to addressing the source of your sciatica.

Why does your leg hurt?

Sciatica is a condition characterized by pain going down the leg from the low back.

This pain may feel deep and generally moves down the back, the outside, or the front of the leg. Onset is typically sudden following activities like heavy lifting, but it also can be experienced gradually after long periods of sitting.

About 90% of sciatica is due to a disc herniation compressing on one of the low back nerves as it exits the spinal cord. Another common cause of sciatic pain is piriformis syndrome, which occurs when the piriformis muscle spasms or shortens due to trauma, overuse, or compensation from a lack of stability in the lumbar or pelvic region.

A thorough examination, including functional testing, is required for proper diagnosis.

Chiropractor Indianapolis

What our expert Indianapolis chiropractor can do for your sciatic pain

We have developed a unique and proven treatment protocol for sciatic pain that allows us to:

  • Diagnosis the true cause of pain
  • Minimize the stress placed on the nerve through a combination of chiropractic, acupuncture and dynamic rehabilitation techniques
  • Implement strategies for stabilizing the lumbar and pelvic region, thus improving body movements
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Results in about 3 visits


Average patient-reported decrease in pain and improvement in functionality

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Why choose our caring team to treat your sciatica?

Advance your body mechanics and functionality under our expert guidance. Our specialized practitioners will help you work toward deep squats, long walks, and extended sitting that no longer elicits pain or dysfunction.

This will help you recognize the most advantageous movements and keep you pain-free beyond our treatments.

The majority of our patients notice relief of symptoms and improved movements within just 8-10 visits! How? We treat the source of pain, not its symptoms. 

Your path to lasting pain relief

Here at Integrated Health Solutions, your health is our priority so you can get back to doing the things you love. 

Live pain-free • Move better • Perform optimally

Integrated Health Solutions