Alignment is the first step to feeling better. Our chiropractic process treats the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system together for holisitic healing. Learn more!


Eastern medicine meets modern technology. One of the oldest treatments in the world, we've perfected this natural solution to soft tissue and joint pain. Learn more!


Welcome to the first cryotherapy center in Indianapolis. Cryotherapy uses hypercooled dry air to trigger the body's natural healing mechanisms. Learn more!


Let the pain and stress float away. Floatation therapy involves floating peacefully in a special solution of minerals - over 900 pounds of Epsom salt. Learn more!


Why Us?

Our integrated treatment method.

We offer a full line of therapies ranging from acupuncture and chiropractic services to cryotherapy and floatation therapy. This allows us to combine the best treatments for you, and work on your health needs in one location. It’s a one-stop health solution!

Our focus on you.

Our patients are people. Not charts. Our licensed chiropractic physicians work with you to identify the underlying conditions behind your surface-level issues. Then, we develop an individualized treatment plan just for you. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution.

Our high success rate.

Our patients will tell you our services get them feeling better faster—improving functionality, managing pain, promoting wellness, and speeding recovery. Check out what they have to say, and see the kind of care we bring to every patient—and every appointment.

Today's tips from Dr. Charbel

Dr. Charbel Harb
Medical Director

4 easy tips to de-stress your life


Close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing. Think about the air coming in and going out. Breathe deeply, through your diaphragm. Try to inhale for 3 seconds, and then exhale for 3 seconds. Repeat this several times.


Get up from your desk or couch and take a walk around the room. Try adding a short walk up and down the street to your evening routine. By moving around, you increase circulation and release built up tension.


Focus on relaxing each of your muscles, one by one. Think about each muscle as you let it relax. Focus on unclenching your teeth and relaxing your jaw. Lightly roll a tennis ball where you feel tightness in your muscles.


Float in our floatation tanks! With floatation therapy, you find yourself easily relaxing every muscle, focusing on every breath, plus getting a boost of minerals like magnesium. This promotes better sleep and recovery.

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A few of our visitors...

  • T. Y. McGill (Colts #99)
  • Sheldon Day (Jacksonville Jaguars #92)
  • Carl Landry (Philadelphia 76ers #7)
  • Tevin Mitchel (Colts #27)
  • Kyle Reifers (PGA Golfer)
  • David Perry (Colts #54)
  • Eric Gordon (Rockets #10)
  • Trent Cole (Colts #58)
  • Thorton (Colts #69), Waldon (Colts #93), Dr. Charbel, & Toler (Colts #28)
  • COTR & 93.1
  • Channel 13
  • Lindsay Hein (Women's running Magazine cover model contest winner. RRCA Certified Running Coach.)
  • RTV 6
  • Robert Mathis (Colts #98)
  • Hugh Thornton (Colts #69)
  • 'Boom' Heron (Colts #36)‏
  • Sherman from Fox 59 & Dr. Charbel
  • Alex Smith (2 time Crossfit Games Regional Team Competitor)
  • Lexi (Triple gold medalist at her first Indian Ocean Island Games - Seychelles)
  • Sam Dancer (CrossFit Games Athlete)
  • Lift Lab
  • Blake Rypel (2014-2015 & 2015-2016 IHSAA State Champion - Wrestling)
  • Center Grove (IHSAA 6A State Champions 2015-2016)


He genuinely cares about his patients and wants to see them heal without always visiting him for help.

Chandra M.

He was a breath of fresh air. He took time to evaluate what was happening, explained and answered all of my questions.

Lisa R.

I did not know what to expect but immediately upon entering Integrated Health Solutions, I felt welcomed and comfortable.

Wesley S.

Upon arrival, Dr Charbel instantly made us feel comfortable. He has an endearing personally that made us feel at home.

Priscilla and Anthony B.

I have been completely delighted with his care. He is attentive, caring and very effective at his practice.

Steven S.

I have met only one other doctor, who not only cared about what was going on in his office, but my life outside as well.

Charles G.

He has been the most caring and engaging doctor I have ever visited.

Shawn S.

Dr Charbel was very flexible with his appointment times and made sure he was available as I needed him.

Paul Y.

I could tell he knew how much running pain free meant to me. I could tell he was confident and that put me at ease.

Stefanie H.

He was caring and professional. I won’t hesitate to go back to see Dr. Charbel should I have future needs.

Maricia N.

Charbel was wonderful! I have been pain free now for months!

James K.

He has always been a very caring and charismatic person, a true joy to interact with.

Erin B.

Dr. Charbel is a charming fellow who manages to be both sincere and cheerful.

Clara S.

Dr. Charbel was very informative about the cause of my conditions and intuitive about how I felt throughout my day.

Ansom C.

Feel as loose as a teenager. Since the initial 2 visits, I have had NO pain in my shoulders, neck, and back. It’s been a month.

Ansom C.

Dr. Charbel has a true gift and genuine nature. I highly recommend him for any muscular and joint pain.

Ansom C.

I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a chiropractor who won’t simply schedule you for your next appointment.

Mike M.

Dr. Charbel’s combination of chiropractics, exercise regimine have made a big difference in a short 6 visits.

Tara S.

The combination has made a large difference in my back health in just a couple of weeks.

Tara S.

Since seeing him, my pain has almost completely disappeared. He knows how to find the problem and treat it.

Amy Estep

Dr. Charbel has excellent patient care and is not your typical chiropractor.

Timothy Roberson

Dr. Charbel has become the perfect solution to my immediate and long-term problems.

Professor Robert Berkshire

Dr. Charbel Harb is nothing short of a miracle worker!

Timothy Selph

I started feeling better after the first treatment.

Tamara Rhoderick

After only a few weeks of therapy the pain was gone. There were practical and easy ways to eliminate the pain.

Leslie E. Hobbs

Dr. Charbel does not just understand the medicine, but he also takes time to understand his patients.

William Brown

No only did he help me but also to the time to educate me so that I could prevent further injuries in the future.

Beth Armstrong

My treatment sessions always ended with a very relaxing Acupuncture session. I highly recommend Dr Charbel.

Adam S.

I met with Dr. Charbel Harb and my life has changed for the better. It was amazing.

Kim T.

My orthopedist suggested Dr. Charbel. I was pleasantly surprised at my first visit. They were able to work me in the same day.

Valerie E.

He is one of the most positive people I have ever met. I have recommended him to anyone that is in pain.

Erick M.

I applaud the ethical standards you provide your patients as well as your caring heart.

Stephanie M.

When I reached for the meds, I realized I had not taken pain meds the night before but, had actually taken my calcium pills.

Pamela E.


  • The Indy A-List - 2017 Best Acupuncture
  • The Indy A-List - 2016 Best Acupuncture
  • The Indy A-List - 2016 Finalist Chiropractor
  • The Indy A-List - 2014 Best Chiropractor
  • Angie's List 2015 Super Service Award
  • Angie's List 2014 Super Service Award
  • Angie's List 2013 Super Service Award
  • Angie's List 2012 Super Service Award


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