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Is “Good Posture” Actually Good?

With the increase in amount of people working from home over the past year, it has become apparent that posture is often overlooked in tissue tension and redundancy.

We have heard multiple patients saying that at home work ergonomics not only are not comfortable but also, working from home has caused a lack of movement and longer durations of being stagnant. Less walking to the bathroom, walking to your co-workers desk, attending a board meeting upstairs and so on and so forth.

Does this sound like you? Well, do not feel alone – a few at home quick queues can help reduce your pain and help you achieve “good posture” practices!

Are you finding that your shoulders are rounded forward and your upper back or neck area feels tight?

Tip 1: Put the laptop or screen at eye level using a book or two to raise this up

Tip 2: Think long and wide when it comes to the neck and shoulders. Also, locate your pec muscle. How long can you make it? This will naturally pull the shoulder blades down and in and your ears away from your shoulders. 

Fun Fact! Pain is a sign from your body that something is not right. When it comes to pain with posture, it is likely that certain muscles are activated for too long while others are being lazy. The over-active muscles will send your brain the signal of pain in order to make you aware something is “off.”

Do you find that you stay put for hours on end?

Tip 1: No one posture is “good posture.” Mix it up! Break up your sitting habits with standing or walking once an hour for a few minutes. The movement gets your blood flowing and loosens up the muscles that have been stuck all that time sitting.

Tip 2: Set a reminder that works for you to get up and move more often. Set an alarm, tell Siri to remind you, put a sticker on your computer that is a reminder to get up.

Are you one to sit at the edge of your seat? Or cross your legs?

Tip 1: Sitting at the edge of your seat causing all of your back muscle to fire and keep you upright. Sitting back into the chair is underrated and very useful in giving your back a break from holding you up. (This applies to using a yoga ball to sit on as well)

Tip 2: Think neutral! Sitting back into a chair that lacks good support may require a slight more effort to get to “good posture.” Roll up a hand towel or a sweatshirt and put it behind the small of your back. Now let the rest of your back muscles relax on the back of the chair and BOOM good posture!

Tip 3: Crossing your legs may not be painful for a short period. However, for 8 hours a day, this is fatiguing to your glute muscles. Imagine hold a bicep curl for 8 hours straight – same idea. Keep your feet flat on the floor and knees about hip width apart.

Sure, posture may not be the cause of your pain, but some quick tips may help reduce it! Still having pain? Call us for an exam and consult today!

Content provided by Dr. Jen Brenneisen

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