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Why isn’t my treatment happening just where it hurts?

Many people ask why the doctors at Integrated Health Solutions don’t just treat the specific area that is hurting and nothing else. What is the reason for working on muscles and joints next door to the area, that maybe don’t seem to be a problem at all?

Today we are going to go over why we do this. Basically, what we are working on in the area of pain, what we might be working with you on in another area, and why this approach is so effective.

Most people expect that the area that is painful is the area that has a problem. And this is often the case! If a child has a boo boo, a parent kisses right where they point, or the child does not think it is better.  At IHS, examples of the pain location matching the area that needs the most work would be if there is trauma: like a car accident or a fall. Or even an overuse trauma such as when performing the same movement many times a day for work or during a sport. In these cases, often the area of pain needs therapies that relax and address tension and knots in the muscles that hurt. Sometimes damage has been done and we use therapies that help speed your body’s healing mechanisms. 

But what about when the treatment seems to take place in a totally different area? In those instances, the problem is most likely more chronic and has some type of compensation involved. Like when you use one muscle to do the job of another because the correct muscle isn’t performing the way it should. The body is very good at figuring out how to get what you want done. Even if that comes at the expense of another part of you! Usually, if that is the case, you will notice treatment is more focused on adding strength and stability to areas close to where you are hurting, but maybe not exactly in the same spot.

Not all injuries and pains are the same, but at IHS we go to great lengths to make sure that both the painful area, and any surrounding areas that are contributing to the problem are addressed so that recovery can be as fast and complete as possible.

Content provided by Dr. Elizabeth Bouse

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