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4 Proven Steps Giude to Alleciate Neck Pain or The 5 Proven Steps Giude to Alleciate Back Pain

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“Why does my back hurt even though my back is strong?”

In this blog, we will address the answer to this question via the following topics:

1. Strength is not the same as stability

2. Motor control is crucial to maintaining pain free range of motion

Just because your back is strong, does not mean that you are able to stabilize the spine. Stability of the spine involves proper diaphragmatic breathing in order to move weight, whether it be your body weight or a 500 pound deadlift.  Training the core to stabilize involves going back to the basics learned as an infant. Pictured here is one example of how to re-train yourself to breathe properly, into the pelvic floor, just as we did at 3 months old.

Have you ever noticed how big the bellies are on babies? This is because we have the innate sense at a young age to support the spine in our early years of development. As we age, vanity sets in, and we “suck it in.” Think of an empty soda can – you can easily crush it and it is flimsy. Before that tab is popped, however, if is firm. When we don’t fill the abdomen with air, the core is not supported, just like the empty can, and we have nothing left but our back muscles to keep us upright. Otherwise, we would look like this:

As a result, the back muscles get over worked and sore. Injury occurs when you cannot control the strength that you have. This is where motor control comes in. Breathing in, bracing the core, and allowing the full belly to support the weight that you lift empowers you to control the movement rather than just “throwing weight around.” At IHS, we are trained in SFMA and DNS in order to coach you through, step by step, on how to be a master at not only lifting heavy weights, but also in all acts of life.

Content provided by Dr. Jen Brenneisen

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