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4 Proven Steps Giude to Alleciate Neck Pain or The 5 Proven Steps Giude to Alleciate Back Pain

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My legs are killing me!

Long day on your feet? Exercising and it is painful? Let’s discuss it.

Hip positioning during the walking pattern can determine the contact point of the foot on the ground as you translate through the heel-to-toe movement. For example: If your hips are rotated outward, generally the toes will point outward while you walk as well. When this happens, one’s body weight is placing more stress in the inside of the knee and inner foot. The good news is our doctors are trained in gait modification and various ways to improve function while treating the source of dysfunction.

Knee positioning during exercise is also very important during motion. Tight musculature can cause what may feel like movement restriction and lead to changes in the way we move without knowing it. We train patients to have a neutral gliding motion to prevent knees from collapsing inward and causing further injury.

A common question we are asked is why we spend a large portion of time with examination? At Integrated Health Solutions, we analyze gait patterns and how the global system of movement is functioning. We put time into investigating the entire body because we find importance in the adage that the whole is greater than the sum of its part. What one region of the body is doing can modify the mechanics of another region like a domino effect. This reinforces why we treat more than the region of pain.

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