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Interview with the CrossFit NapTown Team 2014 Central East Regional Finalists

CrossFit NapTown Team Interview

At our Indianapolis chiropractic clinic, we encourage our patients to find workout programs that best fit their specific needs. Many have asked us about cross fit  of them ask about CrossFit, how to get started, and what the advantages are. Jared Byczko and Peter Brasovan, CrossFit NapTown co-owners, recently answered questions that we hope will help you as you search for the right exercise program for your needs.

Would you briefly introduce the CrossFit NapTown team?

Jared Byczko

Peter Brasovan

Jared Cantrell

Jen Binkley

Molly Mason

Anna Rode

What is the combined experience of the team with CrossFit? 

I would confidently say our team of six has 35+ years of experience in the world of CrossFit.

How did you guys train? 

For 2014, we used a competitive programming system from a Coach who owns and operates CrossFit Ann Arbor, also known as HyperFit.  It’s a system that focuses on volume, which in the end hits most areas that will be tested at any CrossFit competition.

I know you welcome everyone to try CrossFit. Could you give some examples of the benefits? What do you find most helpful?

It’s a community of like-minded individuals.  We don’t force people to be here.  We want people to be here!  We want fitness to be accessible to everyone (look for a NapTown Fitness near you). Benefits include:

  •     Education in regards to nutrition and diet.
  •     Coaching technique and proper movement mechanics.
  •     Friendships developed.
  •     Networks created leading to job opportunities.
  •     Health, Wellness, and Nutrition
  •     Scalable to all skill levels.  Whether you are a Division 1 athlete or a 75-year old grandmother, you can do CrossFit.  Just make sure you have the right coaches and support staff that understands the industry.

All in all, CrossFitter’s are driven individuals who don’t like to be bad at things, like a challenge, and aren’t afraid to try something new.

Do you log progress?

We ask that our athletes log their scores on our whiteboard, because competition breeds success.  Every person completing that day’s workouts will try to beat the next best person on that whiteboard.  That’s the name of the game… from the competitive aspect of CrossFit that is.

What nutritional program do you guys follow?

At this point in our CF careers there really is no right or wrong answer.  I always tell people to experiment with different options.  Find out what works for you and what doesn’t.  I don’t recommend one diet or one “lifestyle.”  People often talk about Paleo in the world of CrossFit and I think that is fine for many.  It gives people direction and guidelines to follow, which many people need.

However, I do like the Paleo Diet for another reason.  We use it for challenges often at our facility, because it allows you to create a “science experiment” for yourself.  It gives people the opportunity to educate themselves, as well as use their body as a “control” system for this experiment. Simply put, clean up your diet with natural foods, cut out sugars, get rid of all processed items, and sustain for a duration of time.  Once the desired or agreed upon duration of time is complete, start slowly adding in foods you miss or you like.  I guarantee your body will tell you what it likes and doesn’t like.

What do you think the biggest challenge is to going Paleo?

Too many people go “cold turkey” and hate the first week of Paleo. Why? Because you just took one of the most addictive drugs in the world out of your body and guess what… your body doesn’t like that! It’s like taking cocaine away from an addict for a week and hoping they have no side effects. Sugar is evil to our health.

What was your workout schedule like in preparation for the games?

5 days a week, 3-4 hours a day.

Within those 3-4 hours, there were multiple levels to the program; strength, skills, conditioning, cool down, and most importantly MOBILITY!  When you train at such a high volume, your body gets destroyed, so you MUST take care of your body.  I think this is the biggest drawback to competitive CrossFit and why I don’t always recommend for athletes.  We all do CrossFit to be healthier and often times the competitive side does the opposite and tears you a part, mentally and physically.

Why did you choose this particular method of training?

For the purpose of making it to the Games for 2014, we committed ourselves to one another as teammates and friends.  We wanted a platform in which we could all do the same work and train together to bring us together as a team.  It gave each and every one of us something to chase after day in and day out, which is needed when you do high volume training.

How do you try to minimize your risk of injuries? And what does your team do for recovery?

Minimizing the risk of injuries is the name of the game in CrossFit.  Those who can train more without injury, get better. Those who get hurt and are sidelined don’t get better.

You have to be smart about your body.  You need to know how to differentiate between pain and soreness. I know that sounds so similar, but there is a big difference.  Working through soreness can be good.  Working through pain can be bad, and lead to long term injuries.

Any final words?

The accountability that our community builds pushes people harder than they would push themselves on their own.  We have some of the best CrossFit Coaches in the state of Indiana and we stick by that statement.

If you are looking for a CrossFit facility near you, I encourage you to do your due diligence.  Every affiliate is independently owned and operated so you will get a different product everywhere you go.  Find the one that feels like “home” to you and you will be in a good place.

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