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What is a chiropractic adjustment?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when somebody brings up chiropractic? Commonly when people think of going to the chiropractor, they most often associate that with getting “cracked” or “popped.” In today’s blog we will dive into what a chiropractic adjustment actually is and how it can be helpful for treating pain. 

The musculoskeletal system is made up of muscles, bones, joints, cartilage and tendons, all of which together gives us the ability to move and also plays a vital role in protecting our organs. Since the musculoskeletal system makes up the overwhelming majority of our bodies, it is no wonder that it is to blame for so many pain driven conditions. This being said, lets talk about how chiropractic adjustments can be helpful in treating pain. 

A chiropractic adjustment is a therapeutic treatment that uses controlled force directed at a specific joint in the body. Within the musculoskeletal system, there are well over 300 joints, all of which play a vital role in proper function of the body. When a joint is not moving properly, it often times results in pain. When this is the case, a chiropractic adjustment can be applied to that specific joint, which helps to restore function, range of motion and decrease pain. 

During a chiropractic adjustment it is not unusual to hear an audible “popping” sound. This is caused by the release of small pockets of gas trapped from within the joint, while it is being taken through a full range of motion during the adjustment. Although this does not always happen, nor does it need to happen for an adjustment to be effective, it is a phenomenon that is often times associated with the adjustment. After a adjustment is performed, the joints within the body are able to move through a greater range of motion which helps to restore natural body function. 

As complex as our musculoskeletal system can be, we can greatly reduce the risk for pain when all joints are moving as they were designed to do. Benefits of getting adjusted are quite vast and include everything from improved mobility and balance to decreased pain and muscular tension. The chiropractic adjustment is a researched and proven technique that is safe and effective for restoring proper motion within a joint, helping to improve overall body function. The chiropractic adjustment plays a vital role in our success with decreasing pain and increasing function with almost all of our patients. When paired with other modalities such as acupuncture/dry needling, soft tissue therapy and dynamic rehabilitation we are able to provide a comprehensive and integrated plan to help them achieve their goals in a timely fashion.

Do you feel like your body is holding you back from doing the things you love to do? If so, chiropractic care may be a great option for you. Give us a call at 317-449-2020 with any questions you may have, or to set up an appointment so we can help get you back to doing the things you love. 

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