About Floatation Therapy

Floatation therapy is a 100% natural healing and relaxation method that provides countless benefits such as pain relief, reduced tension and stress, improved circulation, heightened athletic performance, increased mental clarity, and much more. Also known as sensory deprivation tanks, Floatation Tanks are becoming increasingly popular all over America because of their benefits in eliminating many of the sensory distractions we experience in our day-to-day lives that inhibit maximized physical and mental wellbeing:

Touch: By keeping Floatation Tank water highly salinated, the gravitational properties of your surroundings are altered, allowing you to float weightlessly and effortlessly in the tanks. Instead of feeling like you’re taking a bath, you actually feel like you’re floating in space. The water is kept around 94-94.5℉ to mimic your natural skin temperature, so you will feel neither hot nor cold. Instead, this enhances the floating experience to create an environment where you literally feel nothing.

Sight: If the door to the tank is closed, you will be surrounded by a peaceful and complete darkness where, even if your eyes are open, you won’t be able to see. This eliminates visual distractions, one of the most overstimulated senses we possess. Should you become uncomfortable in a completely-dark environment, you are welcome to leave the Floatation tank door cracked to allow light to enter (or keep the embedded 12-spectrum light on).

Sound: Floatation Tanks are completely soundproof, leaving you in an ideal environment to calm your thoughts and worries for a profoundly meditative experience. If you prefer, you may plug in an MP3 player and listen to music of your choice with an internal sound controller.

Smell: As there are no chemicals in the water, our Floatation Tanks are devoid of scents that could potentially distract you from your healing experience.

Combined with the high level of Epsom Salt in the water which naturally facilitates muscle relaxation and healing, this sensory deprivation allows you to experience a relaxation experience far beyond that of traditional meditation techniques.

Furthermore, Floatation Tanks provide countless physical and mental benefits as well due to the zero-gravity environment and high epsom Salt content of the water. By calming the nervous system, Floatation Tanks help users’ bodies handle pain better. Contrary to other healing methods like medication, there are no side effects from floating. Additionally, users report that due to all distractions being totally eliminated the experience is more effective than meditation.

There are many clinically researched and supported benefits of Floatation Tanks:

How can floatation help me?

Pain Relief
Floatation Tanks facilitate a zero-gravity experience, removing tension and pressure from your neck, back, joints and muscles in order to provide the ultimate relaxation experience. Users have experienced relief from pain caused by multiple ailments, including arthritis, joint overuse, muscular strain and injury, migraines, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, and sports injuries. Furthermore, the high level of epsom Salt in the water facilitates natural healing processes in our body such as enzyme regulation, muscle relaxation and healing, and prevention of arterial hardening.

Relaxation and Meditation
We live in a world of overstimulation, and often the path to peace and calm is best facilitated by decompressing and removing unnecessary stimulation. Floatation Tanks can help by minimizing distractions and have been shown to provide relief from anxiety, sleep loss, high blood pressure, poor circulation, low endorphin production, jet lag, and low energy. Floatation Tanks provide a near-total sensory deprivation experience, facilitating a relaxation experience beyond comparison.

Increased Creativity and Brain Function
By eliminating unnecessary distractions, Floatation Tanks can improve brain functioning, increasing problem solving capabilities, the brain’s creative capacity, focus, mental clarity, attention to detail, and can alleviate challenges caused by phobias and negative habits.

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Floatation What are our Indianapolis Floatation Tanks Like?
Floatation Tanks are 9’ x 5’ soundproof, lightproof tanks of heavily salinated water that maximize healing and relaxation by using high concentrations of Epsom Salt in water to facilitate a zero-gravity environment. In an effort to support local businesses, our state-of-the-art tanks are manufactured by Royal Spa in Indianapolis. Our tank models are equipped with intercoms, heating systems, and the most up-to-date ozone and ultraviolet purification systems for both the cleanest air and cleanest water. Larger than most tanks on the market, the Royal Spa tanks prevent discomfort to those seeking a relaxing experience who may be uncomfortable with smaller, confined spaces. While many users like a full sensory deprivation experience, others may seek relaxation in other ways, so our Floatation Tanks are also equipped with:

Our goal is to provide you with options to customize a relaxation session to suit your personal needs.

What can I expect from a Floatation tank session?
Floatation Tanks, also known as Sensory Deprivation Tanks, facilitate an experience devoid of the sensory distractions we face on a daily basis in order to bring about mental clarity, total relaxation, and physical healing. Keeping water highly salinated and at a temperature that mirrors your own skin temperature facilitates a zero-gravity experience that will literally make you feel like you’re floating in space. This removes tension from your neck, back, and joints, facilitating pain relief for most users.

The light-proof, sound-proof tanks will remove any visual or audio distractions, allowing you to have a peaceful and relaxing meditative experience.

How long does an Indianapolis Floatation Tank session last?
Our floatation sessions last 60 minutes, which is enough to bring immediate relaxation and pain relief to the vast majority of users. Longer sessions are however available upon request. Floatation Tank users may exit the tank at any time, even before their session is complete, however we encourage users to utilize the full 60 minute session to achieve the best results. The time you take to shower before and after your session are not deducted from your 60 minutes in the floatation tank.

Should I bring anything to my Floatation tank session?
For each session you will be provided with a clean towel, ear plugs, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. If you have any small cuts, we provide vaseline to protect them from the Epsom Salt water.

How do I prepare for a Floatation tank session?
Prepping for a Floatation tank session is simple - we will show you to a private, relaxing room where your sanitized floatation tank and a modern shower are located. You will thoroughly shower with soap before entering, avoiding use of any oils or lotions prior to using the tank. Entering the Floatation Tank is easy, similar to entering a shallow bathtub.

Prepping for a Floatation tank session is simple - we will show you to a private, relaxing room where your sanitized floatation tank and a modern shower are located. You will thoroughly shower with soap before entering, avoiding use of any oils or lotions prior to using the tank. Entering the Floatation Tank is easy, similar to entering a shallow bathtub.

In the 48 hours prior to a session, you must avoid spray or UV tanning, coloring your hair, shaving, or epilating. Because of the high Epsom Salt content of the water, participating in a float session right after taking any of these actions may cause irritation and sensitivity.

In order to maximize your relaxation experience, we recommend avoiding caffeine and alcohol immediately prior to a session as well as arriving to your session not hungry or thirsty.

Does this Indianapolis Floatation Tank facility offer private access?
In order to maximize the privacy and relaxing atmosphere of your floatation tank session, we offer private back-door access so you can come and go from your session as you please. Our trained floatation tank staff is always on standby to assist you, but should you desire a minimal interaction, in-and-out experience, the rear entrance to the facility is always available.

What should I wear during a Floatation tank session?
Each Floatation tank cabin is 100% private. Since the goal of Floatation Tank sessions is to minimize sight, noise, smell, taste, and touch distractions to facilitate relaxation and clear thinking through “sensory deprivation”, most people prefer to remove all of their clothing. However, if you feel more comfortable, you’re welcome to wear a swimsuit during your Floatation tank session.

Some people choose to wear a swim cap, but for a complete relaxation experience we recommend being in as natural of a state as possible.

Are Floatation Tanks clean?
The extremely high epsom salt content of the water makes it virtually impossible for any bacteria or microorganisms to survive, ensuring a safe and hygienic experience. After each float session, our purification system automatically engages, filtering particles out of the water that are as small as 5 microns (1/20 of a hair thickness). Filters, Ozone, and UV purification processes sanitize the water for 30 minutes periods between each floatation session (a total of 4 purification cycles). As the water is fully purified between each session, every client is guaranteed a sanitary experience in our Floatation Tanks.

Why use Epsom Salt?
Epsom salt is a combination of magnesium and sulfate long valued for its benefits to health, gardening, and in various household uses. Magnesium is a mineral our bodies need in order to facilitate a number of natural functions including enzyme regulation, reducing muscle inflammation, and preventing arteries from hardening. Epsom Salt is thus frequently used to ease muscle pain and soreness, cure various skin conditions, and facilitate calm and relaxation.

Are Floatation Tanks safe?
Our Floatation Tanks, locally manufactured here in Indianapolis, are some of the most state-of-the-art products on the market and as such are equipped with the most modern safety technology. The tank doors close but never lock, allowing you to exit the tank at any time you wish, even if your session has not yet ended, and the doors are extremely light and easy to open. Each tank is equipped with an intercom allowing you to instantly contact someone from our trained Floatation tank staff in the unlikely case of an emergency. Since the high salinity of the tanks creates a zero-gravity environment, it’s impossible to sink below the surface of the water, even if you can’t swim. Furthermore, since there are only 10 inches of water in the tank at any time, it’s very easy to sit up should you feel uncomfortable. Last, our modern Ultraviolet and Ozone purification technologies ensure that both the water and the air around you are of the highest sanitary standards.

Is there any possibility of drowning?
Because of the high epsom salt content of the water, it is impossible to be fully submerged, even if you can’t swim. The water is less than a foot deep, and in the unlikely case of an emergency, each pod is equipped with an intercom system through which you can reach one of our trained Floatation Pod staff members.

When can I not float?
Floatation is not permitted in the following cases:

  • If you have applied artificial tanner within the last 72 hours preceding your session
  • If you are currently menstruating
  • If you have colored or highlighted your hair with permanent color within the last 48 hours preceding your session
  • If you suffer from uncontrolled seizures or epilepsy
  • If you suffer from kidney disease
  • If you are currently under the influence of any medication, drug or alcohol
  • If you have a history of high (>= 180/120) or low (<=90/50) blood pressure
  • If you are diabetic with an insulin dependency unless your diabetes is under medical control so that you are in sufficient safety using the floatation tank
  • If you have a condition or are medicated in any manner which may be adversely affected by profound relaxation and/or immersion in concentrated magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) water solution
  • If you have any communicable or infectious disease, illness, skin disorder, cuts, open sores or wounds
  • If you are pregnant, you must have consulted with, and secured written permission from my physician to use the Floatation Tank
  • If you suffer from severe claustrophobia or small or enclosed space anxiety provoking disorders

Is it safe to fall asleep during a session?
Absolutely! The water in the tank is only 10 inches deep and highly salinated, creating a zero-gravity experiences that allows you to fully relax your muscles without sinking or rolling below the surface. Because of the high Epsom Salt content of the water, Floatation Tank environments are buoyant enough to support individuals weighing up to 400 pounds.

Is floating safe if I’m pregnant?
Absolutely! The water in the tank is only 10 inches deep and highly salinated, creating a zero-gravity experiences that allows you to fully relax your muscles without sinking or rolling below the surface. Because of the high Epsom Salt content of the water, Floatation Tank environments are buoyant enough to support individuals weighing up to 400 pounds.

Is floating safe if I’m pregnant?
Because floating removes pressure from your joints and muscles, using Floatation Tanks while pregnant can significantly alleviate pain and stress. We do however recommend consulting your doctor prior to a float session, particularly during the first trimester, as each woman’s pregnancy experience is unique.

What if I’m claustrophobic?
Floatation tank doors close but NEVER lock, and you’re welcome to keep the door open and lights on during your session. The tanks are very large (9’ x 5’), which is large enough so that most people do not feel trapped or confined. Should you start to feel worried during your session, both the door and the lights are fully controllable from inside the pod. The pod is also equipped with an intercom system should you need support from our trained Floatation tank staff. For individuals suffering from severe claustrophobia or enclosed space anxiety provoking disorders however, we recommend avoiding any triggers that could potentially catalyze your symptoms.

How often and for how long should I participate in float sessions to maximize benefits?
The zero-gravity environment in the Floatation Tanks provides immediately relaxation and pain relief for most users. Depending on your needs and health goals, different regimens are appropriate, but most users experience enhanced benefits with continued implementation of Floatation Therapy techniques in their health routine. Because the zero-gravity environment of the Floatation Tanks can take some getting used to for some users, many clients feel maximized benefits after the second and subsequent visits. Our lives are inundated with stimulation, so acclimating to a state of pure relaxation can take some practice.

Will the high Epsom Salt content of the water affect my skin?
Contrary to intuition, because of the high salt content of the water, your skin will NOT get pruny or wrinkly like it does after a normal bath soak. Furthermore, most people are extremely deficient in the magnesium and sulfate content our skin needs -- often up to 70-80% deficient. Epsom Salt absorbs easily into the skin, leaving your skin smooth and nourished immediately after a floatation tank session and continuing for several days.

Does Floatation Therapy work for everyone?
As with most healing techniques, not every method works for everyone’s body. To experience a successful float session, you must be willing and able to completely succumb to your environment and open your mind and body to complete relaxation and submission, which can take practice. For this reason, most users experience optimal results after 2-3 visits, once they truly get used to allowing themselves to submit to physical and mental relaxation.


Floatation Tanks, also known as Sensory Deprivation Tanks, were developed in 1957 by neuropsychiatrist John C. Lilly in an effort to test consciousness as well as where the brain’s energy sources come from by removing all external stimuli. Later studies in the 1970s advanced the therapeutic and healing benefits of Floatation Tanks, giving birth to their modern use of facilitating relaxation and recovery.

Countless medical studies have been done on the benefits of Floatation Therapy to health, wellness, and general satisfaction:

Users of Sensory Deprivation Tanks found to have lower levels of stress, depression, and anxiety; and higher levels of sleep quality than a control group after 12 float sessions over the course of 7 weeks.
- National Institutes of Health - NCBI

One-hour Floatation Sessions following exercise were found at a statistically significant level to reduce pain and blood lactose levels in athletes during the 24-48 hour period after exercise.
- National Institutes of Health - NCBI

Users of Floatation Tanks suffering from severe, chronic neck and back pain experienced significantly reduced pain after 9 float sessions over the course of 7 weeks.
- National Institutes of Health - NCBI

Floatation Therapy was found to have a significant, positive effect on quelling symptoms of ADHD by facilitating development of arousal control, cognitive functioning, and personal independence.
- National Institutes of Health - NCBI


According to Dr. Peter Suedfeld, a pioneering REST researcher, floatation tanks have been very promising in tackling ‘problems involving the autonomic nervous system, such as insomnia, stress symptoms, dysfunctions of the skeleto-muscular system, chronic headache, and the like.
- Men's Journal
Comedian and Fear Factor host Joe Rogan has been effusive in his praise of the tank. 'I think it's one of the most incredible pieces of equipment for self-help and introspective thought that you could ever find," he told me. "It's been one of the most important tools for me in personal growth for understanding myself, how I am, and what effect I do have on other people.'
- The Atlantic
Some of Suedfeld’s work suggests that floatation facilitates creativity. A small study of five university professors found that six 90-minute float sessions allowed them to generate more "creative" ideas, which coincided with a self-reported increase in free imagery and remote associations. Similarly, in a study with 40 university students, a single hour of floatation increased their scores on a standardized test used to measure creativity.
- Discover

Why Choose Us?

Our Indianapolis Floatation Tanks are housed within Indy’s premier multi-disciplinary health care center, the first of its kind in Indiana. In addition to Floatation Tanks we offer a multitude of services including Indianapolis’ only cryotherapy pod, chiropractic care, acupuncture and dry needling, sports injury therapies, and others. Our state of the art facility is home to many elite athletes thanks to our focus on natural, holistic, long-term healing solutions for a variety of ailments.

In addition to the aforementioned services, our certified medical director Dr. Charbel Harb is available to help you customize and develop more encompassing solutions to maximizing your athletic performance; facilitating healing of soft tissue ailments; or minimizing acute or chronic pain. Dr. Charbel’s main priority is to help patients develop holistic health solutions that will facilitate permanent healing.

For those seeking a quick, personal relaxation experience, we also offer a private rear entrance to our facility. Our goal is to provide a facility that offers a uniquely comfortable, peaceful, and effective healing experience.


- 2015 Floatation Waiver of Liability [PDF]