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Disc Herniation Treatment

Treat Disc Herniation with SFMA, Physical Rehab, and Acupuncture

Spinal disc herniation (bulging) causes different types of pain, that depend on how the disc is herniated and whether or not it is pinching surrounding nerves in the process.

Integrated Health Solutions works with our patients to identify the root cause of the injury and your pain. Often common activities can cause severe disc related pain due to poor lifting techniques, poor mechanics, or weakness of the muscles in your back or core. IHS Indy seeks not only to rehabilitate you and restore full health to your spine, but also to teach you the techniques you can use to prevent injuries from happening again. This process of diagnosis is called a functional assessment, as we analyze the full function of related parts of your body to determine the true source of the injury. This assessment can be combined with an orthopedic or neurological exam if necessary, and once completed we are trained to offer our patients a wide array of treatment options to facilitate their healing journey.

What Treatments Can IHS Offer You?

The IHS Indy team offers multiple therapy options for clients who are suffering from herniated discs, including Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), physical rehabilitation, and acupuncture therapies.

SFMA gives us the ability to analyze your movement and the way your muscles are coordinating with each other in order to better understand how your body is functioning as a unit. A functional analysis will include hands-on techniques that allow us to pinpoint the cause of your pain. In order to properly heal a herniated disc, it is vital to know the exact location and in which direction the disc is herniated. Typically this is not information which can be detected by x-ray or traditional orthopedic testing alone.

The physical rehabilitation services offered at IHS Indy are guided by the hands-on principle of the SFMA, allowing our chiropractors to determine ways to engage and activate all of your muscles. We then synchronize their function, helping to balance your whole system. We work to help you lessen your dependence on prescription medications and painkillers, as well as to eliminate both acute and chronic disc pain. Physical rehabilitation can strengthen your spine as well as your core, improving your body’s overall mechanics and restoring the integrity of your discs.

Additionally, Dr. Charbel is certified in the McKenzie method of treating back pain. This involves specific directed movement to the spine in order to centralize pain into one location, then teaching the patient active “self treatment” that will prevent pain from returning in the future and prevent future injury to these vulnerable areas of your body.

We also offer acupuncture in its traditional form, where needles are strategically placed barely below the surface of the skin to catalyze the body’s healing mechanisms, and in the modern form of dry needling or medical acupuncture. These techniques help balance and synchronize your muscles, reducing pain and eliminating inflammation. Acupuncture also facilitates and expedites your healing process by removing blockages in your system. Dr. Charbel is certified in the acupuncture techniques and dry needling by Dr. Ma, a world-renowned expert in modern dry needling sciences.

Is IHS Right for You?

If you are searching for a medical team in the Indianapolis area that will listen to your needs, assess the function of your health in a holistic way, and assist you in developing a treatment plan that will not only eliminate your pain, but also decrease your dependence on chiropractic care, then Integrated Health Solutions is the right choice. We want to help empower you to have control over your health, giving you the techniques you need to prevent future injuries and pain.

Dr. Charbel and the entire staff of IHS will work with you to personalize a healing plan to relieve the pain of your herniated disc. We want to heal the site of injury, and restore you to full health so future injuries can be prevented. If you want to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment to begin your treatment, call us today at 317.449.2020.

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