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Not sure how to prep for or recover from the Indy Mini, Triathalon, or Spartan® Indiana race?

Read how having your own treatment and mobility team from Integrated Health Solutions can be the difference-maker

If you’ve ever wished you had “more flexibility”  “more endurance” and no tension or pain to help you run a little further or move a little faster…

If you’ve ever looked at yourself and wanted to regain some of the strength and mobility you had when you were younger…

If you’ve ever struggled with pain or soreness…

Welcome to the club!

You’re human. And there are 2 million of us in the Indianapolis area alone.

And all this work you’re doing to train for a race like the Indy Mini or get in shape for a Tough Mudder or just lose some of your COVID-stress and weight is really hard!

We collectively spend more on pills, powders, and supplements than ever before. We do endless hours of free YouTube videos on how to stretch this or how to train that. We follow every rule we’ve ever heard (Eat small meals! Never miss breakfast! Stand up at your desk! Stretch before, during, and after exercise!). 

Despite all this time, money, and energy, it doesn’t work. In fact, you might feel like you’re getting worse.

A recent report alongside the Indianapolis-based American College of Sports Medicine, advocates for dynamic stretching before working out instead of static stretching:

No wonder this stuff is confusing. The science is still in discovery. And it’s no wonder why we continue to hurt ourselves or suffer long after training sessions are over, or just as we age. 

There is a better way, though. 

That’s what everyone here at Integrated Health Solutions can offer you:

  • A better way to stay fit and train more efficiently.
  • A better way to go through your day without forgetting you can’t stand up or run or walk as fast as you probably could.
  • A way to look in the mirror and feel your best and love the person looking back at you.

Not only is this hope not mistaplced, it’s both possible and probable right now.

You don’t have to do this alone. There’s another way.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed when it comes to your health and wellness, you’re not alone.

If you’ve ever felt bad for not having enough motivation to stick with a recovery or exercise plan, you’re not alone.

If you’ve struggled with calf pain, ankle pain, soreness or tenderness in your back or shoulders, or tight and rigid thighs, you’re not alone.

If you’ve ever felt like no matter what you do, you’ll never be able to regain the strength or mobility to jump or run as fast or at all ever again, you’re not alone.

The simple truth is the conventional wisdom DOESN’T WORK. 

The endless hours of stretching DOESN’T WORK

Relying on sheer willpower or force of will DOESN’T WORK

It’s not your fault. It’s just that the conventional wisdom doesn’t work for everyone or all of the time. 

The pre-workout stretching plan you pulled off a free website probably won’t work for you in the long run. Whether it’s some combination of yoga or static or dynamic stretching, simply doing them won’t make you the model in their video.

The free YouTube video you watched won’t help you reach the exact goals you’ve laid out for yourself. Whether it’s keeping up with the kids or competing in the Indy Mini or a Triathlon or simply getting back into the gym after COVID lockdowns, it won’t always line up with who you are and what you need.

Here’s why: you don’t have the same body type, hormones, motor control imbalances, muscles compensations, nutritional intake, or lifestyle as everyone else. So it’s no surprise that singularized strategies and one-size-fits-all therapies don’t work for your specific situation.

So if none of that works, what DOES work?

In our experience with chiropractic care and running Integrated Health Solutions and Cryotherapy Indy for the last 10 years, you’re significantly more likely to recover and become comfortable with your body again if you have the following:

  1. A wellness strategy that is built around your lifestyle, your goals, and preferences.
  2. A mobility and recovery plan that is crafted for your specific objectives and needs, and how much time and budget you choose to commit to it.
  3. Accountability from an expert who knows you better than maybe you know yourself.

We have found this solution for ourselves and thousands of patients over the years at Integrated Health.

There’s no cheating or shortcuts. Like any effort to build muscle, it takes time, patience, and the right mix of therapies, practice, and skill.

A personal approach and certified, highly-trained chiropractor or doctor at Integrated Health can change your life. 

Our clients start with a free, no-risk personal consultation at either of our two Indianapolis offices:

Our Downtown office is at 971 N Delaware Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Our northeast Indianapolis office is at 6330 E. 75th Street Suite 124, Indianapolis, IN 46250

They tell us about where they are, what their goals are, and then we customize a plan just for them.

That might be a few weeks of acupuncture or dry-needling therapy. It might be a few sessions of Cryotherapy plus a personalized at-home rehab / exercises and stretching therapies, shown to you by our professional doctors and staff.

What kind of results are possible? 

Pain relief to get you feeling like yourself

“Before running my first marathon, I heard of the benefits of Normatec. …I felt the benefits of that session in my run, and I wanted to try even more therapies.”


Lower back pain relief and treatments

“Two of the kindest people I’ve ever met…the work they put in to make my back go away was phenomenal.”


A relentless pursuit of long-term results

“One thing that always sticks out to me when I come see Dr. Charbel compared to other chiropractors is he says, ‘Justin, I don’t want to see you come back!'”


Is Integrated Health Solutions really worth the investment?

Medical offices like your primary care physician or a medical rehabilitation facility require expensive and time consuming referrals to get into and thousands of dollars in obscure, hidden costs. And dealing with insurance could be a huge hassle. 

Extreme prices aside, many physicians are more likely to prescribe pills and treatments that don’t address your physical needs or muscle imbalances. That’s why it’s no surprise they have such runaway costs.

While that may have a place in your treatment based on several medical issues or disorders, for many people of all ages and body types and goals, we can help because of our personalized process, effective strategies and proven therapies. Plus our experienced and passionate staff and doctors.

That’s why we can accept most major insurance for chiropractic work — complete with a cost estimate before you start treatment — and a complete breakdown of costs for other therapies like acupuncture, dry needling, IV therapy, and more. 

We have no contracts of any sort, and our clients can cancel at any time. Though few do. Our average client returns again and again for as they meet their goals and incrementally improve. We are passionate about helping our clients meet their goals. 

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