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6 Benefits of Warm Lemon Water ?>

6 Benefits of Warm Lemon Water

In this health tip we want to share with you the first thing you should drink every morning on an empty stomach, and how it will benefit you. We’ll finish with a twist on how we recommend you prepare it, and a time saving tip to get it ready for the week! You know what they say…when life gives you lemons, squeeze the juice out of them and enjoy the benefits. Okay, maybe that’s not how it goes, but we certainly do love our…

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What’s the Deal with Detox? ?>

What’s the Deal with Detox?

Maybe it’s because it’s January and many people are going strong with their New Year’s resolutions and companies are trying to capitalize on it, but we’ve been hearing more and more about detoxing recently. You can buy overpriced powders, juices, tea, there’s even a water bottle that claims to be the master of detox and will help enhance fitness and well being. (Totally bought that and will be claiming victory to my New Year’s resolution no later than 8:00 pm tomorrow thanks…

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