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Moises Sanchez, RN BSN

Moises Sanchez

Meet Integrated Health Solutions Team Member Moises Sanchez

Moy’s love for nursing began at a very young age, when his grandmother and himself became very ill. They were in and out of hospitals for many years, and he always noticed how helpful the nurses were. Growing in poverty made it difficult to pay off all the bills, and barely put food on the table. Pushing through adversity has made him pursue his passion to help others.

His grandmother always taught him to treat every person equally, respectfully, and with love, regardless of differences. To this day, he has carried that mentality and it has allowed him to have great relationships with his clients and patients.

Moy Sanchez is a board-certified, registered nurse who is a graduate from the University of Indianapolis, with a Bachelor’s degree in the Science of Nursing. He is currently an Emergency Department RN, and has a passion for fast paced care and loves to emphasize his attention to the person as a whole, rather than just another patient.

When he is not working or with patients, Moy enjoys learning new concepts in the medical field, working on project cars, and creating new and extraordinary art. His broad imagination and resilient compassion for people has allowed him to provide optimum treatment and care for all those that stride through the door.

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