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Meet Integrated Health Solutions Team Member Dr. Charbel

Dr. Charbel Harb


  • Medical Director and Founder of IHS and Cryotherapy Indy
  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Acupuncture Specialist
  • Advanced Selective Functional Movement Analysis SFMA 
  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization  DNS
  • Selective Functional Movement Analysis FMS
  • Dry Needling for Pain Management and Sports Medicine
  • Insurance Consultant Certification
  • Pediatric Certification
  • Head, Neck and Orofacial rehabilitation Certification
  • Active Release Technique ART
  • McKenzie
  • Graston Technique

“Growing up, seeing both of my parents in very difficult health situations, subconsciously that made a huge imprint on me to want to do something to help people and to be able to provide a solution where a solution potentially could not exist.”


Dr. Charbel Harb, an expert Chiropractic Physician and the Medical Director of Integrated Health Solutions, seamlessly blends ancient Eastern remedies with cutting-edge Western research. With specializations in acupuncture, dry needling, sports injuries, and movement diagnosis, Dr. Harb is more than a compassionate healthcare provider—he is a movement maestro. He employs the principle of diagnosing through movement, adeptly identifying, and addressing suboptimal patterns to restore optimal function, maximize performance and well-being.

Dr. Harb embarked on his journey to combine therapies through rigorous training, earning degrees in both chiropractic and human biology. Committed to continual education, he holds certifications in Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)—revolutionary approaches that employ movement tests to diagnose and address impairments contributing to pain or suboptimal functions. Additionally, he utilizes Dry Needling, Active Release Technique and Graston to positively impact the myofascial system.


As a compassionate professional, Dr. Harb, affectionately known as Dr. Charbel, views each patient as a unique individual rather than a set of symptoms. This personalized approach at Integrated Health Solutions involves developing tailored health and wellness plans, incorporating evidence-based diagnostic testing with holistic approaches. Dr. Charbel’s expertise in medical acupuncture, movement analysis and pioneering techniques like Dry Needling, learned under the tutelage of world-renowned Dr. Yun-tao Ma, positions him as one of Indianapolis’ top medical professionals and Dry Needling / Medical Acupuncture experts.


A member of the American Chiropractic Association, Dr. Harb adheres to the highest ethical standards, continuously seeking modern chiropractic solutions for his patients. His dedication to addressing and correcting suboptimal patterns of movement has led to the assembly of one of Indianapolis’ finest health teams, focusing on reducing pain, improving mobility, and restoring health through a variety of proven modalities.

Dr. Harb holds three bachelor’s degrees from the University of Indianapolis and Logan University and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Logan College’s Doctor of Chiropractic Program. Actively involved with the Motion Palpation Institute since 2006, he is a fervent advocate for integrative and comprehensive health solutions.

Outside the clinic, Dr. Charbel is a proponent of an active and healthy lifestyle. He finds joy in spending time with his family, playing pickleball, engaging in fitness activities, and preparing nutritious meals. His greatest fulfillment comes from aiding patients in embracing life to its fullest—living actively, healthily, and free from pain.

For more information about Dr. Charbel Harb and the array of services at Integrated Health Solutions, contact us at 317.440.2020

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