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Meet Integrated Health Solutions Team Member Dr. Andrew Sanders 

Dr. Andrew Sanders 


  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Masters in Sports and Rehabilitation
  • Masters in Nutrition and Human Performance
  • Certified Integrative Dry Needling Specialist CIDN
  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, DNS
  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment SFMA
  • Cox Flexion Distraction
  • Active Release Technique

“One of my main goals in life is to enable others to find happiness and joy for themselves. I believe a big part of that is found in maintaining optimal physical health. That’s why one of the characteristics that sets me apart as a chiropractor is my goal to not only help patients get better, but empower them with the knowledge and skills to maintain their results and health.


Dr. Sanders was born and raised in Utah, the second oldest in the family of 6 kids. His interest in health began at the age of 12, when he started running 3 miles a day at 5:30 in the morning. He discovered that exercise made him feel more awake and better overall in general. His interest in health and exercises broadened into playing tennis, running cross-country and track, and lifting weights which grew into a goal to try and be as healthy as possible. The results he experienced motivated him to want to help others do the same and so he made a decision to work in the healthcare field in some way in the future. After high school he also further developed his love of people and helping others as a missionary for his church for 2 years in South Africa.

Dr. Sanders was introduced to the world of chiropractic when he was in college. He had heard a friend share a story about how a chiropractor helped him with a shoulder problem. The type of treatment used by the doctor intrigued him and aligned with his vision of how he wanted to help people. He did some more research by getting a job with a chiropractor and fell in love with the profession. After finishing his studies in Exercise Science and English at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT he attended chiropractic school at Logan University in St. Louis. After earning multiple degrees over the course of five years and meeting his wife, he graduated in 2013. His extensive education helped him see that the best treatment results require an integrated, patient oriented, evidence based approach. This approach not only provides quick effective results, but empowers patients with knowledge and tools to minimize their occurrence of relapses.

Dr. Sanders spent nearly 10 years working in Columbus and Cincinnati Ohio before being blessed to find Integrated Health Solutions. This is his dream working environment . A clinic that incorporates many different treatment techniques across different disciplines along with values that combine into a perfect blend of an evidence based, patient oriented integrated approach that specializes in empowering patients with the tools needed to take control of their functional life.

When he is not treating and empowering patients with their health care needs, Dr. Sanders continues to exercise regularly along with spending time with his wife and 5 kids. He is also very active in his church and in his spare time works on his other passions of portrait drawings, digital sculpting, and 3D printing.

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