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The Causes of TMJ and How To Treat It

TMJ, or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, is a disorder involving stiffness or tightness that occurs in the hinge joint connecting your lower jaw to your skull bone. While these joints are designed to be incredibly flexible and allow for nearly constant movement (whether through breathing, eating, talking, or other movements) there are several factors that can cause pain in this joint, severely inhibiting mobility.

TMJ can be extremely painful, limiting your ability to talk, eat, move your neck and even sleep comfortably. If you are suffering from pain in your jaw or around your ear, you may be experiencing symptoms of TMJ. At Integrated Health Solutions, we can help you determine the sources of your pain, working to resolve any dysfunction and restoring the full functional ability of your jaw. We use a wide variety of therapies to diagnose, treat and help eliminate the pain you are experiencing, all while tailoring a treatment plan to you and your lifestyle.

Causes of TMJ

TMJ can be caused by non-direct sources such as a stressful lifestyle, but there are often other factors that contribute to the pain you may be experiencing. If you deal with any of the following, you should contact our offices for an evaluation of your pain:

  • Direct injury to the head, neck or jaw
  • Grinding or clenching of your teeth
  • Car accident
  • A dislocation of your jaw
  • Any type of arthritic pain in your jaw
  • Strain to the neck muscles

Treatment for More Than Symptoms

Many forms of treatment for TMJ revolve around covering and alleviating the symptoms of pain, often including the use of painkillers, other prescription medication, or even certain night splints. At Integrated Health Solutions, our goal is to pinpoint the source of your pain, eliminate the cause, and decrease your dependence on long-term care and prescription medications.

The treatment you will receive will begin with a Selective Functional Movement Analysis (SFMA). Dr. Charbel is a certified in administering SFMA. A clinical diagnostic tool that allows doctors to analyze the movement and interaction of your muscles and joints in order to find imbalances in your system. Through the use of this tool, Dr. Charbel and his team can then develop a plan to synchronize the function of your neck, jaws and muscles to facilitate your healing.

Once we have completed your functional analysis, we will tailor a unique treatment plan for you based on a variety of clinical methods. When recovering from TMJ, it is important to select the right combination of treatment methods that will eliminate pain as quickly and permanently as possible. Treatments our Indy chiropractors are certified in include the Active Release Technique, the Graston® Method, traditional chiropractic and acupuncture therapies, dry needling, and physical rehabilitation.

Call our offices today at 317.449.2020 if you are experiencing symptoms of TMJ to schedule your comprehensive exam with our team and start your journey to wellness.

“Dr Charbel was very flexible with his appointment times and made sure he was available as I needed him.”

“He has been the most caring and engaging doctor I have ever visited.”

“I have met only one other doctor, who not only cared about what was going on in his office, but my life outside as well.”

“I have been completely delighted with his care. He is attentive, caring and very effective at his practice.”

“Upon arrival, Dr Charbel instantly made us feel comfortable. He has an endearing personally that made us feel at home.”

“I did not know what to expect but immediately upon entering Integrated Health Solutions, I felt welcomed and comfortable.”

“He was a breath of fresh air. He took time to evaluate what was happening, explained and answered all of my questions.”

“He genuinely cares about his patients and wants to see them heal without always visiting him for help.”

“When I reached for the meds, I realized I had not taken pain meds the night before but, had actually taken my calcium pills.”

“I applaud the ethical standards you provide your patients as well as your caring heart.”

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