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Is chronic or acute muscle pain preventing you from embracing a healthy and active lifestyle? The team at Integrated Health Solutions offers holistic physical rehab services to restore muscle function and help you regain the strength, mobility, and endurance you need to live an active life.

Dr. Charbel structures his physical rehabilitation services around the practice of functional rehab. Dr. Charbel is certified in Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), also known as functional analysis. The SFMA method of functional analysis and rehab is a standardized clinical model which helps to diagnose and treat the source of the pain.

Functional analysis is a practical way of analyzing your entire system to find imbalances. The source of your pain may not be the same as the site of your pain; instead, it might be caused by an imbalance or overuse of another site that is putting stress on your body. Through a Selective Functional Movement Assessment, we can not only determine the source of your pain, but also restore joint mechanics and full movement of your muscles. Techniques to restore function often use your own body weight, allowing you to improve coordination; reduce pain; and increase muscle balance, extendibility, and range of motion. Functional analysis is also the start of reactivating and loosening muscles that

Why Functional Rehab is So Important

Functional rehab and analysis is a unique tool for diagnosis and healing in that a doctor assesses each muscle, ligament and tendon based on how it functions as a part of the entire body. Through this throughout analysis, we can discover imbalances in your muscles interactions in order to synchronize their functioning and eliminate your pain.

In addition to poor muscle balance, bad posture is often a culprit for back, neck and shoulder pain, as well as a primary cause of headaches in many patients. As a chiropractic rehabilitation and wellness center, we are trained to restore the natural posture of the body, which can include properly aligning your spine and restoring balance to related muscles, joints, and tendons. We believe in the importance of evaluating pain and dysfunction holistically in order to restore maximum function to your body’s soft tissues.

Who Can Benefit from Our Physical Rehabilitation Services?

When your life is interrupted by pain, let the experience of Dr. Charbel and his compassionate staff help you get back to your everyday life and activities. If you are experiencing arthritic pain, leg pain, neck pain, muscle strain, shoulder pain, or an injury related to stress or sports, contact our office 317.449.2020 to find out how the physical rehabilitation treatment plans offered at Integrated Health Solutions can benefit you.

“Dr Charbel was very flexible with his appointment times and made sure he was available as I needed him.”

“He has been the most caring and engaging doctor I have ever visited.”

“I have met only one other doctor, who not only cared about what was going on in his office, but my life outside as well.”

“I have been completely delighted with his care. He is attentive, caring and very effective at his practice.”

“Upon arrival, Dr Charbel instantly made us feel comfortable. He has an endearing personally that made us feel at home.”

“I did not know what to expect but immediately upon entering Integrated Health Solutions, I felt welcomed and comfortable.”

“He was a breath of fresh air. He took time to evaluate what was happening, explained and answered all of my questions.”

“He genuinely cares about his patients and wants to see them heal without always visiting him for help.”

“When I reached for the meds, I realized I had not taken pain meds the night before but, had actually taken my calcium pills.”

“I applaud the ethical standards you provide your patients as well as your caring heart.”

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