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Neck and Shoulder Pain Treatment Therapies

At Integrated Health Solutions, we know neck and shoulder pain can be debilitating when it comes to performing everyday tasks and living your life to the fullest. If you are suffering from chronic neck and shoulder pain, we understand how difficult simple tasks like getting out of bed in the morning, going to work, and carrying on with your life can be.

At Integrated Health Solutions, our goal is to find the root cause of your pain so we can develop a permanent solution, helping you move on to a healthy lifestyle free of chronic or acute neck and shoulder aching. Because soft tissue pain in one area can often be caused by injuries in other areas, finding the problem is often not possible using traditional MRI or x-ray analyses. Our team at IHS Indy is specially trained and certified in the latest medical techniques used to evaluate your symptoms in order to accurately diagnose the problem. Once we have identified the cause of your neck or shoulder pain, we will use hands-on and holistic therapies that will alleviate the symptoms of soft tissue trauma and help you become pain-free.

What is the Cause of my Neck and Shoulder Pain?

While every patient we see is different, most neck and shoulder pain cases stem from one or several of the following causes:

  • Strain and overexertion, which leads to microtraumas in the soft tissue
  • Tendonitis
  • Sports injury
  • Instability and weakness in the joints
  • Nerve damage, which is typically a result of soft tissue injury
  • Poor posture
  • Faulty shoulder mechanics

Perhaps you have suffered an acute injury that directly caused your pain, or maybe the onset of your pain has been gradual and increasingly severe. Either way, the certified doctors at Integrated Health Solutions can help you. Because each patient has different needs, our team is trained in a variety of therapies and treatments that we cater specifically to you in developing a pain recovery plan. Our goal is not only to heal your injury, but to educate you on how to prevent future injuries.

What Type of Therapies Will I See at IHS Indy?

As we develop a treatment plan for your neck and shoulder pain, we will choose the most beneficial combination of methods from a wide variety of therapies that best suits your body’s needs. The first step in your treatment will be to undergo a Selective Functional Movement Analysis (SFMA) along with analyses of your soft tissue, spine, and joints.

Dr. Charbel is certified to perform SFMA, which is a clinical model that helps diagnose the root cause of your pain. This analysis varies from other tests in that it allows a doctor to look at muscles, ligaments and tendons based on how they function as a unit rather than individually.

The treatment options you will see at Integrated Health Solutions include the Active Release Technique, the Graston® Method, as well as Postural Analysis, traditional chiropractic care, traditional acupuncture, and the Dry Needling Technique.

In addition to our many holistic treatment offerings, we provide Physical Rehabilitation to continue facilitating your healing process, giving you tools you can use on your own to help prevent future soft tissue and muscle damage. We approach your treatment from the viewpoint of functionality, assessing the movement of your entire body, working to properly synchronize your movements and muscles, and eliminating any imbalances in your system.

If neck and shoulder pain has been disrupting your daily life, the certified doctors at Integrated Health Solutions in Indianapolis are ready to facilitate your healing. Call 317.449.2020 today to schedule an appointment.

“Dr Charbel was very flexible with his appointment times and made sure he was available as I needed him.”

“He has been the most caring and engaging doctor I have ever visited.”

“I have met only one other doctor, who not only cared about what was going on in his office, but my life outside as well.”

“I have been completely delighted with his care. He is attentive, caring and very effective at his practice.”

“Upon arrival, Dr Charbel instantly made us feel comfortable. He has an endearing personally that made us feel at home.”

“I did not know what to expect but immediately upon entering Integrated Health Solutions, I felt welcomed and comfortable.”

“He was a breath of fresh air. He took time to evaluate what was happening, explained and answered all of my questions.”

“He genuinely cares about his patients and wants to see them heal without always visiting him for help.”

“When I reached for the meds, I realized I had not taken pain meds the night before but, had actually taken my calcium pills.”

“I applaud the ethical standards you provide your patients as well as your caring heart.”

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