During the holiday season, we often forget about our health and nutrition goals, and over indulge at parties and family gatherings.  Then on New Years, we resolve to get back on track and start eating healthy again. Instead of completely falling off the bandwagon for the next couple of months, make healthy swaps in the preparation of your favorite holiday foods, limit unnecessary calories and don’t forget to exercise to stay on track.

4 Tips to Avoid Overindulging During the Holidays

1)    Prepare before your big meal. Make sure you eat a high protein breakfast and a small snack prior to your holiday meal.

2)    Exercise before your eat. Consider signing up for a local run or walk. Not only will you get in your pre-meal exercise, you’ll also be supporting a charity.

3)    Fill your plate with healthy foods. Try to stick with vegetables and lean meats.  But don’t deprive yourself, if you want a piece of pie go for it; just don’t eat the entire pie.

4)    Don’t make excuses. Just because the holiday season starts at the end of November, and lasts into January, doesn’t mean you should eat unhealthy the entire time; limit yourself to only doing so, in moderation, at parties and gatherings.

The holidays take a lot of preparation in regard to what food you will make.  All the food served doesn’t have to be high in calories though.

6 Easy Swaps to Help with Your Caloric Intake

1)    Eat white skinless turkey meat instead of dark meat; it has less fat.

2)    Prepare your own stuffing and avoid the store bought kind.

3)    Eat roasted sweet potatoes instead of candied yams.

4)    Skip the pecan pie and opt for fruit pies instead.

5)    Instead of serving green bean casserole, make fresh green beans.

6)    Limit alcohol intake, so you can allocate your calories elsewhere.

If you don’t want to skip your favorite holiday foods then just change what goes into them.  If you cook your own holiday food you have the power to make it a healthier version of what you like, just follow these conversions.

6 Easy Conversions to Make Your Favorite Foods Healthier 

1)     Use apple sauce instead of oil, 1:1

2)     Replace sugar with Stevia, 1:3/4

3)      Instead of butter, use coconut oil, 1:3/4

4)      Use unsweetened almond milk in place of regular milk, 1:1

5)      Replace milk chocolate with 70% dark chocolate, 1:1

6)      Substitute heavy cream with raw cashew cream, 1:3/4

The holidays are a time to enjoy your family and friends, but make sure you are focused on your health as well.  It is important to remember to eat healthy as much as possible during the holiday season.


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