Tips for Feeling Your Best on Vacation ?>

Tips for Feeling Your Best on Vacation

It’s summertime and that means VACATION! This is a time full of fun, relaxation and exploration. Today we will cover a few simple topics to keep you feeling awesome on your upcoming trip so you can make the most of your experience. By tweaking a few minor things to your travel routines you can help to put an end to the aches and pains that tend to come with it. First we will cover best practices while in the car or plane, and then focus on things to try once you are at your vacation destination!

When it comes to being in the car or on a plane there are a few important things to highlight. First and foremost, you should take plenty of breaks to get up and move around. Sitting down for extended periods of time can be hard on your body. The triple crown of too much sitting includes stiff joints, poor blood circulation and generalized muscle tension. Your body was designed to MOVE, so fitting in a few extra breaks will have you feeling much better upon arrival. 

When you are seated it is important to make sure you are giving your body the support it needs. If you are in a chair with an adjustable lumbar support, be sure to use this feature to cradle the natural curvature of your low back. If your seat does not have adjustable support, simply use a rolled up towel to achieve the same thing. Additionally try to keep your head on the headrest as much as possible to avoid neck and shoulder tension. 

Eating on the go can be a major inconvenience, but should not be something that is overlooked. Choosing what looks best at the next exit can be detrimental to both your wallet and nutrition. Solving this issue is as simple as packing waters, snack bars or even small meals. This will help you to save money, but most importantly will keep you fueled with healthy ingredients and steady energy for the trip ahead. 

Once you have arrived there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you keep the trip as fun as possible. Typically when you think of vacation, exercise is not the first thing that comes to mind, but this can be a fun way to stay energetic and stress free while miles away. Fitting in a small workout is quite easy to do and requires no gym or equipment. A great way to start off your day is to go out for a run or walk and sprinkle in some body weight movements. Some of my favorite movements include air squats, lunges, push ups and planks, with honorable mention going to pull ups if you happen to stumble upon a playground. Use this as an opportunity to get out and explore your destination in a fun and healthy way. 

Sleeping is also something that doesn’t necessarily come to mind, but is a vital component to making sure you have an awesome trip. Although you may be tempted to only squeeze in a few hours here and there, you body will thank you the next day by sticking to your normal sleep schedule. When it comes to sleep it is also worth mentioning that being in a different bed can lead to mild soreness the next day. A few ways to help minimize this is to bring your own pillow from home and to sleep on your back. Doing so will put you in the most ideal sleep position by creating proper support around your back and neck, leaving you feeling great the next day. 

By no means is this list comprehensive, but it should provide good insight on how you can better your travels. Vacation should be a time full of fun and great experiences and by taking good care of yourself it can be easily attainable. Use this as a time to decompress, soak up new culture and cherish your company to return revitalized with new found energy and happiness. 

Content provided by Dr. Milton Brinza

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