Ways to Break the Cycle in 2019: Challenging Your Comfort Zone  ?>

Ways to Break the Cycle in 2019: Challenging Your Comfort Zone 

Are you tired of dealing with the same types of problems or just not satisfied with things in general? Do you find yourself lacking motivation with the same bland daily routine? Then it’s time to break the cycle, rid bad habits and embrace today’s topic of BEING UNCOMFORTABLE to help you prepare for your best year yet! With a new year upon us, we are surrounded with trendy resolutions that often get thrown by the wayside months or even weeks down the road. In today’s fast paced society we are all guilty (myself included) of looking for the easy fix or short cuts to accomplishing our loftiest goals, but in reality, no such thing exists. Rather than finding the magic bullet for 2019, I want to discuss a few small things that can make a big impact in your life RIGHT NOW. Let’s break that vicious cycle and get back in the driver’s seat this year.

When reflecting on 2018, you may find yourself discovering that too often you chose the things that were easiest for you and that many of your daily activities never involved you stepping outside of your comfort zone. The goal of this post is to not look down upon the past year, but to shed light on the fact that doing things that make you uncomfortable often times lead to the biggest breakthroughs in life. The bottom line is no one likes being uncomfortable, so subconsciously we hide from it all of the time. This is a problem that by making small changes, can allow you to unlock that untapped potential to life’s greatest and healthiest experiences. 

Now how do we apply being uncomfortable to our daily lives to make 2019 a ground breaking year? Let’s start by looking at diet and exercise which are great areas of opportunity for you to invest in your health. One of the easiest ways to put this plan into action is to make small changes to the things that you do on a daily basis which can make a significant impact on your life. For instance, substitute your morning social media time for a walk or run, drink a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning instead of coffee, or participate in that new workout class you were always afraid to try.  No one said waking up early to exercise and eating a well-balanced diet was fun, however it is scientifically proven that both lead to improved physical and mental health, happiness, energy, and overall well-being. Recent studies actually show that people battling depression have a greater rate of recovery utilizing daily exercise and proper nutrition as opposed to those only taking depression medication. By understanding the science of diet and exercise and acknowledging the power of stepping outside of your comfort zone, you can achieve yours greatest goals.

At the end of the day, it is our mentality about discomfort that often holds us back from achieving things that we intend to get done. Weakness of the mind combined with lack of action wreaks havoc on our potential. This being said, don’t exchange your goals for what seems easiest at the moment. Continue to strive to be better every day and understand that a little discomfort on a daily basis can make for a substantial change over the next year. No matter what your goals are this year, just keep showing yourself in small ways every day, that you have the guts to take control and achieve every one of them. 

Content provided by Dr. Milton Brinza

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