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Month: February 2015

7 Foods to Help Keep Your Heart Healthy ?>

7 Foods to Help Keep Your Heart Healthy

February is National Heart Month, but how many of us really worry about our heart health, as opposed to whether or not we are alone on Valentine’s Day? Everywhere you go the retail version of cupid slaps you in the face with a reminder to buy your loved one a precious bouquet…of overpriced cheap candy bars that the grocery store florist taped to a stick and put in a cheap vase…go ahead and plan on spending the rest of your…

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5 Simple Ways to Avoid Text Neck ?>

5 Simple Ways to Avoid Text Neck

We live in a mobile world…actually, chances are, you’re reading this blog from your smart phone or tablet. You’ll probably be interrupted as you’re reading by a text, email, or maybe an alert that it’s your Facebook friend who you’ve never actually met in real life’s birthday today.  Let’s face it, we are addicted. And like with all addictions, we’re causing permanent damage to our bodies. Improper use of handheld mobile technology is resulting in a harmful physical condition known…

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