Being healthy is multifactorial. Healthy eating is important, however there are other factors that contribute to your health. At our Indianapolis chiropractic clinic, we recommend our patients not only eat healthy, but also make additional lifestyle modifications that will contribute to their overall well-being and happiness.

Below are 8 simple steps you can take to help you lead a happier and healthier lifestyle:

1. Have a Routine. Develop a routine for your personal lifestyle. Going to bed and waking up at consistent times is a good place to start, even on the weekends. Consider starting every day with a healthy breakfast, followed by exercise.

2.  Meditate. Meditation has a positive influence on the human body. It has been shown to increase happiness, decrease tension, and improve clarity. Meditation can be as simple as an evening prayer or breathing exercises. Ending your day with meditation will help you wind down from daily stress.

3. Get Adequate Sleep. A good night’s rest is very beneficial to the body, it can help rejuvenate the system, reduce stress, prevent illnesses among other health benefits.

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4. Eat Healthy. Eating healthy is vital. In previous blogs we have discussed healthy eating, why to avoid processed meats, and the effects of dairy.

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5. Exercise. Incorporate exercise into your routine. It can be something as simple as a nightly walk, to a more intense workout, such as CrossFit. Putting healthy stress on the bones and muscles, and challenging your cardiovascular system is important to your healthy being.

6. Take Breaks. At our Indianapolis chiropractic clinic, we encourage our patients to take frequent breaks throughout the day. It is also important to take a few short vacations throughout the year. Long weekends are a nice way to recharge, and should be taken on a quarterly basis if possible. Today’s society tends to believe if we do not take a vacation, we are more effective at work; however, your efficiency diminishes if you do not take the time to recharge your batteries. It is also important to take at least one week worth of vacation a year. Taking breaks from daily life habits helps you refocus, realign your thoughts, recharge your brain and spirit, and be more efficient.

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7. Stay in Touch. A sense of belonging and having a supportive social environment helps you maintain a positive outlook on life. In the book “Stumbling on Happiness” by Daniel Gilbert, staying in touch with family and friends was identified as one of the best sources of happiness.

8. Perform Random Acts of Kindness. Doing something nice for someone not only makes them happy, but it will also make you feel good. Think of random acts of kindness and try to do them often. Something as simple as leaving someone a nice note, or buying someone a coffee, when unexpected, goes a long way.

Start incorporating these steps today, and let us know what positive changes you notice in your life as a result! If you have questions, please contact our Indianapolis chiropractic clinic at 317.449.2020.

About Integrated Health Solutions

Dr. Charbel Harb is a licensed chiropractic physician and the Medical Director of Integrated Health Solutions. Our core belief is that each patient who walks through the doors is a person, not just a medical record or chart. Our greatest pleasure is bringing joy to our patients and helping them to fully embrace life, allowing them to enjoy each day: active, healthy and pain free.