Mornings are often the most hectic part of our day. The rush to get wherever we’re going on time becomes our main focus. Many times we forget to take the time to eat breakfast, forgetting that eating a healthy breakfast will set the tone for how we feel the rest of the day.

Many of us find ourselves grabbing foods that are convenient, but are they really good for us? Below are six things you should avoid for breakfast:

1. Fruit Juices. Just because there is fruit in the name, doesn’t mean it is good for you. Most fruit juices are full of sugar. Consider substituting store bought juices with fresh-squeezed juice. If you do not have time to make your own juice, stick with a piece of fruit, which provides fiber and nutrients without additional sugar.

2. Bacon. Processed meats, such as bacon and sausage, have nitrates in them, which have been linked to colorectal cancer. Several studies have suggested that due to the combination of preservatives and fats, processed meats are directly linked to cardiovascular and coronary diseases.  Considering substituting processed meats with salmon or eggs.

3. Sugary Cereals. Anything with marshmallows, or that is multicolored, should be avoided. Take the time to read the label when buying cereal, because even those that appear to be healthy may have unnecessary added sugar. Cereals full of carbohydrates and sugar are not only unhealthy, they will cause your blood sugar to spike, then bottom out, leaving you feeling tired, and unlikely to be productive. Unless you want your energy to bottom out at the beginning of your day, choose cereals that are higher in protein and fiber.

4. Pastries. Donuts, danishes, muffins, scones, and anything else you may find on the pastry tray at nearly every morning business meaning, should be avoided. Pastries are full of sugar, fats, carbs, and bring no nutritional value to your plate. Like the sugary cereal, the sugar in pastries may give you a temporary boost, but are sure to leave you feeling sluggish by mid-morning. Sugar has been linked to cancer, which is reason enough to avoid that tray of sugary good-for-nothing-pastries.

5. Bagels. They trigger inflammation, pack on the pounds, and zap your energy. Starchy white bagels are made with refined wheat flour, which has been stripped of fiber and nutrients. They are high in calories, and will most likely leave you feeling hungry shortly after you finish.

6. Glorified Coffee Drinks. If it has a frou-frou-name, chances are it’s packed with sugar and fat. Frappuccinos and Coolattas, for example, are cream based, packed with high-sugar syrups, and topped with whipped cream. Stick with regular coffee to avoid unnecessary fat and sugar intake.

So what does that leave for breakfast? At our Indianapolis chiropractic clinic, we suggest our patients enjoy nourishing, energizing breakfasts full of protein and good fats. For examples, check out 5 Healthy Ideas for a Delicious Breakfast.

At our affordable chiropractic clinic, we encourage our patients to live a balanced lifestyle, which will help them be happier and healthier. If you have any questions, contact our Indianapolis chiropractic clinic at 317.449.2020.

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