Do you find yourself lacking energy as the day progresses? Having trouble with mental clarity at the office? Did you know not eating breakfast, or choosing the wrong foods for breakfast, may be to blame? In this blog we will share five foods that will help you start your day off right.

Many people skip breakfast because they are not hungry when they first wake in the morning. But, hungry or not, your mom was right…you’ve got to eat your breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because the food you eat in the morning will influence your emotions, energy levels, cravings, and can even affect how well you sleep that night!

Making healthy choices in the morning will encourage you to continue to make healthy choices throughout the day. For a sense of balance, start your day with healthy fats, quality proteins, and colorful vegetables.  Below you will find five breakfast suggestions for a great start to your day:

1.  Shake Your Smoothies…Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Shakes and smoothies allow you to create a flavor you love with an abundance of healthy foods.  Choose a leafy green for nutrients, a good-quality powder for sustained energy, and healthy fats to keep you feeling satisfied. Blenders not your thing? No worries, mix up a vanilla or chocolate protein powder with some almond milk and chia seeds.

2.  Organic and Free Ranged…Eggscellent Idea. Eggs are an ideal breakfast food, because they’re loaded with energy-boosting protein, as well as essential minerals and vitamins. Add fresh veggies for an extra nutrient boost and a delicious omelet.

3.  Cut Out the Captain for a Healthier Crunch. Need a quick breakfast and find yourself turning to cereal out of convenience? That’s okay…just make sure to ditch sugary and processed cereals (even if they bring back fond childhood memories of delicious goodness). For a healthier alternative, mix up a bowl of nuts, seeds, and muesli topped with almond milk, a dash of cinnamon and some fresh fruit for a breakfast cereal you’re sure to love.

4.  Longing for Leftovers. While it may not sound like your typical breakfast, leftovers are quick, easy and convenient because you already did all the work.  If you’re following a healthy diet, grab any of the leftovers from your fridge in the morning and enjoy!

5.  Find a Comfortable Alternative. Eating healthy in the morning doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up your favorite comfort foods. If pancakes are your passion, you can continue to enjoy them, just make an effort to swap unhealthy ingredients out for nutrient-rich ones. A little research goes a long way if you’re looking for a way to keep around that bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich.

So, tomorrow morning, break that overnight fast, and enjoy a healthy start to your day!

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